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Interventional Radiology Clinic with the difference of TurkaHealth

Interventional radiology is the department that treats using radiological imaging methods, namely ultrasonography, angiography, tomography and rarely magnetic resonance imaging as a guide. Treatment procedures are not surgery. Most of the treatments performed were previously surgical procedures, and with interventional radiology treatments, these procedures can now be performed without surgery.

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Hair transplant is a long-term and serious procedure

Hair loss, which is mostly seen in men, sometimes prevents people from being at peace with themselves. Hair transplantation, which has been developed as an effective solution to this problem, is the way of people who have lost their hair by shedding, to regain their hair in a healthy way by regaining their hair naturally and permanently.

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Personalized Check Up service with TurkaHealth difference

Check Up is not just about having a large number of examinations and examining them. Before starting the Check Up, a preliminary interview is made with the specialist physician and a personalized Check Up package is prepared as a result of the information received from the person, the physical examination to be performed, and the determination of the risk factors identified. The content of this package is determined in a way that is personal and most suitable for the needs.

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